One to One Retail Design & Tech


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A board hand-picks 45 partners who represent the market and/or stand out for their innovative services. The aim is to ensure all sectors are represented so every aspect of retail design and technology is covered.

2 days of targeted and scheduled one-to-one meetings (30 minutes/meeting) with contacts selected from the 200 participating guest decision-makers

Meetings are completed by a program of conferences and workshops

It offers participants the opportunity to learn and discuss new trends, solutions and innovations in the sector

You are involved in the following activities:

  • Design agency/architecture firm /design studio
  • Innovative solutions for in-store Layouts (design, walls, floor, ceiling…)
  • POS advertising
  • Experiential  and digital Solutions for Point of sale


  • Arrangement / arrangement of showcase
  • Experiential arrangement
  • Interior architecture
  • Decoration / Atmosphere
  • Eco conception
  • Event Stand / Animation
  • Subject mastery
  • Material / Floor / Wall / Ceiling
  • Merchandising


  • Commercial animation / Animation
  • Advertising Devices / Display
  • Lighting / Leds
  • Teaches
  • Ephemeral space / Pop up store
  • Digital printing
  • Olfactory marketing
  • Commercial furniture
  • Retailtainment / Services
  • signage
  • Sound systems


  • Beacons / NFC / RFID / Wifi
  • Body scanner / Reality increased
  • Interactive terminals
  • Digital signage
  • Touch screens / Touch tables
  • Labeling / Coding
  • Geolocation / M-couponing
  • geomarketing
  • Software / ERP / Analytics
  • Smart light
  • Computer Hardware / Smartphones / Tablets
  • Dynamic POS
  • Social marketing POS
  • Virtual reality
  • Self-scanning
  • Interactive terminals
  • Virtual commerce
  • Interactive showcases
  • Voice Assistants / Robotics


  • Communication agencies /
  • Strategy / PR Council
  • Design Agencies / Commercial Architecture Consulting
  • Merchandising Agencies / Category Management / Customer Care
  • E-retail agencies
  • Relationship Marketing Agencies
  • Mobile marketing tips
  • Advice in digital transformation


  • Payment Terminals / Payment Terminals
  • Digital Wallet
  • M-payment
  • Secure payment
  • Contactless payment
  • Payment Card Solutions


Available package


One to One Retail Design & Tech
15 meeting slots / 2 Staff Passes / 3 Guest Passes / Fully equipped meeting room (partitions, furniture, sign, electricity, lighting, carpet, wifi).
Partition covering and wired connections can be ordered on request./ Access to the networking events


One to One Retail Design & Tech

30 meeting slots / 4 Staff Pass / 5 Guest Pass / Fully equipped meeting room (partitions, furniture, sign, electricity, lighting, carpet, wifi).

Partition covering and wired connections can be ordered on request./ Access to the networking events


1 Pass staff / 1 corner on the Start-Up zone ( welcome desk with your logo, 2 stools, electricity, internet connexion  / Acces to the networking events 

Staff Passes are reserved for your team and Guest Passes for yours prospects or customers.

Included services:

Return transfers between Bordeaux Saint-Jean station and Hangar 14 (excludes airline, SNCF train and car expenses) at the times and dates of the event. Shuttle buses available within the timetable set by the organizers

Accommodation October 7th in one of the most beautiful hotels of Bordeaux

Access to Hangar 14, workshops, roundtables and conferences

All meals on October 7th and 8th

Entry to the networking evening on October 7th

The management of your personal schedule: organize your One to One meeting via the secure platform



Your image paired with a key space at the event, a place for participants to meet up and talk throughout the event. Decorate the space in your branding!

Spaces with a permanent bar in the stand area.

Your logo on the space's signage with the words "Sponsored by”

2 self-supporting recto/verso kakemonos

Your logo and/or name on all communication related to the space

Option of giving out goodie bags to participants

(Goodies and graphic items provided by you and sent to the organiser for approval. The organiser covers signage and kakemono production).

Complete your package by becoming an actor of the event!

• Sponsoring

Choose the sponsorship offer that suits you according to your objectives: Branding, Networking, Sponsoring spaces ...

• Expert Workshop - limited number

45min of speaking to present a customer case, a feedback of experience or for the launch of a product in front of an informed public of experts and decision-makers.
You will receive the list of registered and present (in compliance with the RGPD) immediately after your workshop, in order to follow up your leads.

Offer reserved for partners registered in Module or Leader Kit.

Your advantages

Personalized service and prior identification of your contacts, according to their profiles, needs and projects.

100% professional event (only on registration with description of needs and projects)

Turnkey formula and lighten your logistics

Save time in your commercial prospection

For more conviviality and to develop your contacts, networking moments are organized: lunches and evening, animations.